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An Artistic Eye

A career in medicine opened my eyes to the beauty of the human body.  As a Thoracic Surgeon, my artistic vision regarding respiratory pathology expanded with my medical knowledge and expertise.  I believe artists make some of the best doctors in the world.

Thoracic Surgery: Featured Work


As a doctor and artist, it gives me great pleasure to be able to express myself professionally by simply drawing and sketching my ideas on a piece of paper. On this website you’ll find a glimpse of a few of the projects I’ve worked on throughout my career. If you’d like to find out more about my work and what I can do for you, feel free to get in touch with me.

Thoracic Surgery: Featured Work
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Thoughtfully Designed

With each project I’m involved in, I see to it that it’s undertaken efficiently — from the initial brainstorming session and first rounds of sketches all the way to the final illustration. With this piece, I knew the client I was collaborating with wanted something that would leave a lasting impression on the audience, and the end result did just that.

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